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Website Services

In the 21st Century marketplace it is almost expected that if you are in business you have a website. This is probably an overstatement for some but the principle is there. More every day the Internet is becoming integral and vital to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We offer complete website services to give you a presence on the Internet. Though applications vary from business to business, most enterprises can benefit from this medium. A website can be anything from a multi-page full-colour brochure at a fraction of the cost; to an information catalogue that clients, prospects, and customers can access; to a functional world-wide store front, complete with cash drawer; to . . . you name it.

A common question is, How much does it cost (or What does it take) to have a website? The answer is as complex as asking the same thing about owning a vehicle. If you just want to get back and forth to the grocery store, it doesnt cost much at all. If you want to get there really fast . . . it costs a little more. If you want to travel from coast to coast, you probably want something more dependable than the beater that will get you to work on time. If the vehicle is part of your business, there are other expenses. The same is true about owning a website. Also just as owning a vehicle involves other expenses, such as fuel, licensing, insurance, a garage to park it in, maintenance . . . there are similar expenses involved in owning a website.

Some of those are: Consulting,Design,Hosting,Maintenance and Promoting.

A more pertinent question is, "How much is it costing you to NOT have a website?"